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Authentic, Bespoke suits crafted in-House by University Lecturers and UK Graduates

A sartorial privilege, the pinnacle of exclusivity, and beyond Handmade Bespoke, Private Tailoring by The Prestigious distinguishes itself from all other services in its exacting demand that a named, dedicated tailor, pooled only from our most experienced and skilled craftsmen, personally undertakes every step of your commission.

With the aim of establishing long term relationships to truly understand the needs and preference of our patron, your preferred tailor – an astute observer of movement and posture and a fine craftsmen by any measure – would personally measure, draft, cut, sew and finish the entire commission, with no part of it outsourced or entrusted to another.

All commissions under our exclusive Personal Tailor service handmade and represents our seal of craftsmanship at its highest.


The hallmark of every Bespoke Apparel lies in its cut based on a modelling of three-dimensional body shape onto two -dimensional paper panels that is both intellectually challenging and an endeavour of creativity and a feat achieved by but
a handful.

As one of the last remaining Houses to individually craft by hand paper patterns for every bespoke order and to fully undertake the commission in its in-House Atelier, The Prestigious secures its position as the premier Boutique for Fine Menswear with its emphasis on authenticity and control.

Starting with taking between 15 to 20 measurements for a Shirt, and yet more for a Jacket and Suit, the commission undergoes several stages of drafting, fitting and revision till finally a proper fit is achieved and only after this, do we incorporate your desired fabric for the final product.

Each Bespoke Apparel represents the epitome of quality and is drafted, cut, basted, sewn and finished entirely by hand. To consult with any one of our tailors, simply book your appointment here, and we’ll be at your service.


The Prestigious is pleased to partner with and present the following fabrics from the finest mills for your delicate suits and shirts. All cloth are specially imported from Italy or the United Kingdom upon commission.


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